Q:  What do Siamese cats look like?
Siamese/Balinese cats are known for their beautiful blue eyes
and come in four colors.  The seal point, with dark brown, almost
black face, feet, and tail (called "points") and tan body is what
most people think of as "Siamese."  Chocolate points have lighter
brown points and a whiter body.  Blue points have blue-gray
points and gray bodies.  Lilac point Siamese have light gray
points and almost white bodies.

In addition to the four colors, Siamese also come in two patterns
besides the traditional solid:  lynx (striped) and tortoiseshell or
tortie (a calico pattern).  These patterns also come in each of the
four colors, seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac.

Q:  Male or female kitten?  
A:  It's all about individual personalities.  We want to help our
clients find the perfect kitten that suits their household and

Q:  Concerned about spraying?  
A:  Don't worry!!  Kittens, male or female, rarely have any sort of
litterbox issues, provided they are spayed or neutered by six
months of age.

Q:  Is there a waiting list?
 Yes, we have a waiting list available to those interested in
adopting kittens.  We work from this list when placing kittens
into their forever homes, and many times, kittens are sold long
before they are able to leave our home.