About Us
Serenade/Obsession Cattery is a small hobby cattery dedicated
to preserving and promoting the traditional Siamese and
Balinese breeds.  Life-long cat lovers, our breeding efforts
began when our oldest daughter started the cattery to put
herself through college.  Nearly 20 years later, our goal
remains to breed healthy, personable, and beautiful
traditional Siamese and Balinese kittens.

Serenade/Obsession Cattery is located in rural north-central
Indiana.  We are only 90 minutes due north of Indianapolis
and 2 hours from the southeast side of Chicago.  Despite our
rural location, we are surprisingly easy to get to.  Our home is
just two miles from the major north-south four-lane highway
in Indiana, US 31.  Other nearby highways include US 24
and US 30.

At Serenade/Obsession Cattery, we focus mainly on the four
solid colors of Siamese/Balinese.  Occasionally, we do have
more "exotic" lynx point, red point, and tortie point kittens.  
Our cats are the traditional, old-style Siamese, sometimes
known as "appleheads," rather than the more extreme,
"modern" wedge style.

All of our cats are registered with the CFA (Cat Fancier's
Association) and/or TICA (The International Cat Association),
so all kittens are sold with registration papers.  In addition,
our kittens are sold as pets, so we require that a spay-neuter
agreement be signed as part of our contract.

We guarantee our kittens to be in good health at the time of
sale and guarantee against congenital defects.  Our kittens
leave for their new homes after they are 10 weeks old.  By
that time, they will have had at least two sets of kitten
vaccinations, be weaned and eating well, and be litter box

Despite how Siamese are sometimes depicted in the media, our
cats and kittens are affectionate and personable.  We breed for
health and temperament first and foremost.

Occasionally, we have older kittens or cats being retired from
our breeding program available for adoption to pet homes.  
See the Available Adults section of our website for more .